Sustainable Development Goals in ITB

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

No Discrimination Against Gender

*There are no discrimination of gender / religion / ethnicity / race

Translated from website for National Student Entrance Examination

General requirements

The 2019 SBMPTN is a selection conducted by Public Universites within the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) and the Ministry of Religion together under LTMPT coordination with selection based on the UTBK results only or the UTBK results and other criteria determined jointly by Public Universites.

Requirements and Stages of Registration

Admission of new students through the SBMPTN pathway is carried out in two stages, namely following the UTBK and registering SBMPTN. SBMPTN registration requirements are as follows.

 Participant Requirements

a)     High school  or  equivalent students graduating in 2017, 2018 must have a diploma.

b)    For high school or equivalent students graduating in 2019 have a Certificate of Graduation , at least containing the latest identity information and a color photograph in question, signed by the school principal and affixed with a valid stamp.

c)     Have Computer Based Writing Test score.

d)    Have adequate health so it does not interfere with the smooth process of the study.

e)     Have National Student Registration Number (NISN).

f)     Participants who choose courses in arts and sports must upload PORTFOLIO.

g)    UTBK costs borne by participants and government subsidies.

h)    Did not pass 2019 SNMPTN path.

Stages of Registration

The 2019 SBMPTN registration stages are carried out through the http://pend page as follows.

a)     Fill in Biodata (except participants who have registered at SNMPTN 2019).

b)    Choose Public Universites and study programs provided that applicants can choose at most two Public Universites and choose at most two study programs in one Public University or two  Public Universites

c)     Uploading portfolio forms *) for applicants who choose courses in arts and sports. The procedure for filling out portfolio forms can be downloaded from the page

d)    Uploading other documents in accordance with the 2019 SBMPTN registration requirements.

*) Portfolio Forms specifically for applicants for arts and sports study programs, participants are required to upload portfolios as additional material for the selection process in 2019 SBMPTN. Types of 2019 SBMPTN Portfolios are:

a)     Sports Portfolio

b)    Portfolio of Fine Arts, Design and Craft

c)     Dance Portfolios (including Sendratasik Dance options)

d)    Theater portfolio (including Theater / Drama option theater)

e)     Music portfolio (including Sendratasik Music options)

f)     Karawitan Art Portfolio

g)    Ethnomusicology Portfolio

h)    Photography Portfolio

i)      Film and Television Portfolios

Study Program Groups and Number of Choice

 Study program groups and the number of electives in the 2019 SBMPTN are as follows.

a)     The study programs at PTN are divided into two groups, namely the Saintek group and the Soshum group.

b)    Participants can choose a study program of at most two courses with the following conditions:

I.      If all of the selected study programs are from the Science group, participants take the Science section test.

II.    If the study programs chosen are all from the Soshum group, participants take the Soshum exam group.

III.  If the study program is chosen from the Saintek group and the Soshum group, participants take the Saintek exam group and also the Soshum exam group

c)     The order in choosing study programs states the priority of choice.

d)    2019 SBMPTN participants can choose study programs at any PTN.

e)     Study program, capacity per PTN in 2019, and the number of interested study programs per PTN in 2018 can be seen on the https: //

Special Requirement for ITB

Not color blindness, both total or partial, for who want to study at:

        1. School of Life Science and Technology (SITH) – Engineering Program

        2. School of Pharmacy (SF)

        3. Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM) – Ganesha Campus

        4. Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM) – Cirebon Campus

        5. Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (FSRD) – Ganesha Campus

        6. Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (FSRD) – Cirebon Campus

        7. Chemistry Study Program (FMIPA)

        8. Post Harvest Technology Study Program (SITH – Engineering Program)

        9. Geological Engineering Study Program (FITB) – Ganesha Campus

        10. Chemical Engineering Study Program (FTI – Ganesha Campus)

Applicants of Bidikmisi Program

The following are the requirements for Bidikmisi registrants:

a)     Student applicants from economically disadvantaged families can apply for Bidikmisi tuition fees.

b)    Prospective Bidikmisi recipient participants must first learn the Bidikmisi program registration procedures available on the page

c)     Prospective participants receiving Bidikmisi must first register to the page

d)    Prospective participants who receive Bidikmisi who are declared to meet the requirements by the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs Kemristekdikti register UTBK on the https://pend page and are not subject to examination fees.

e)     Prospective Bidikmisi recipients who were declared not to have passed SNMPTN 2019, used the NISN and NPSN to register for the UTBK and were not subject to examination fees.

f)     Prospective participants who have received Bidikmisi who have passed 2019 SNMPTN are not allowed to register for 2019 SBMPTN.

*There are no discrimination of gender / religion / ethnicity / race

Extracted document from ITB Employer recruitment: Pengumuman_Penerimaan_Dosen_Tetap_ITB_Tahun_20191.pdf

General Requirements

a)     Indonesian Citizen (WNI);

b)    Minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 57 years on July 1, 2019, except for formations that require age specifically;

c)     Be of good character and have never been sentenced to prison or confinement based on a court decision that has permanent legal force.

d)    Never dismissed with no respect as a civil servant / member of the military / police / private employees.

Special Requirements
Has undergraduate, master and doctoral diplomas from accredited A domestic universities from National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) or from Reputable overseas universities in the fields in accordance with the intended study program

*There are no discrimination of gender / religion / ethnicity / race

Extracted document from ITB Employer recruitment: Pengumuman_Penerimaan_Analis_Laboran.pdf

(English Translation) ITB Lab Analyst Recruitment

General requirements

a. Indonesian Citizen (WNI);

b. Good sustainability and have never been approved by the court or court court decision

c. Never dismissed with no respect as a civil servant / member of the military / police / private employees.

d. Minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 30 years on February 1, 2018.

Special Requirements

Have a vocational education diploma (D3) or equivalent in accordance with the intended field of work

*There are no discrimination of gender / religion / ethnicity / race

Reini Wirahadikusumah (Woman) Elected as Rector of ITB

JAKARTA, – ITB’s Board of Trustees appoints Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah MSCE, Ph.D., as Rector of ITB for the period of 2020-2025. The decision was made in a meeting at the office of Ministry of Edcation and Culture of Indonesia in Jakarta, on Friday (8/11/2019). The meeting was attended by Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim.

Chair of Board of Trustees Yani Panigoro said that a history is made with the election of Reini Wirahadikusumah as the first female Rector of ITB in History. “The meeting went smoothly and everyone agrees to elect Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah,” said Yani Panigoro in a press conference.

The other big three nominees, Prof. Jaka Sembiring and Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi, also attended the press conference. Yani Panigoro said that elected rector will collaborate using ideas proposed by other nominees to achieve ITB’s and Indonesia’s progress.

Yani hopes Reini’s leadership will bring to better ITB, which soon commemorate its century. That age will lead to progressing of ITB and Indonesia.

The three nominees have gone through a number of process, such as expert panel, public debate, open discussion with academicians of ITB, and exposition in Closed Meeting at MWA ITB. Everyone knows the nominees’ ideas. They also had special interview with the Minister,” she said.

Words from Minister of Education
The Education Minister, Yani said, hopes that ITB adjust to changes. The rector elect should make collaboration to bring progress to ITB. The rector should also dare to make decisions, take bold steps, and adapts quickly.

Culture of Innovation
Reini expressed her gratitude to all parties who have put the trust on her. Asked about the innovation she will bring to face changes, she said that culture of innovation is developed in ITB during the leadership of previous rectors. In her opinion, it is essential for a higher education to have culture of innovation in order to be relevant with development of era.
“ITB have a lot of human resources and we are ready to make innovation because the culture already exists in ITB,” she said.

Reini D Wirahadikusumah is a professor in Construction Management and Engineering Research Group at Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. ITB’s Board of Trustees conducted Rector Election from August 2019. In the process, there are 34 applicants, 5 coming from outside ITB and 29 from ITB. Then the number was narrowed down to 30 by expert panel before 10 were selected as nominees. In a meeting at Academic Senate of ITB, 3 nominees were selected.

Scholarship for Women

Scholarships from the Asahi Glass Indonesia Foundation (Yayasan Asahi Glass Indonesia / YAGI)

The scholarship is in the form of cash funds given to students for daily educational and operational needs. Over the past 20 years YAGI has provided scholarships to ITB students and ITB has provided equal opportunities for women and men to participate in scholarship selection. 3 out of 5 students who receive scholarships are women.

Maternity Leave for Women

Excerpt from Rector Regulation ITB Number: 278 / PER / I1.A / KP / 2016 (click here to download)


Fifth Section: Maternity Leave

Article 18

(1) For the birth of her first, second, third child, female employees are entitled to maternity leave.

(2) For childbirth fourth child and so on, female employees are given leave outside of ITB’s responsibility.

(3) The duration of maternity leave in paragraphs (1) and (2) is 1 (one) month before and 2 (two) months after delivery.

Article 19

(1) To obtain maternity leave, female employees submit applications in writing to officials authorized to grant leave

(2) Maternity leave is given in writing by an official authorized to give leave.

Article 20

During maternity leave, employees receive full income