Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ITB

SDG 5: Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in.

Water Usage and Care

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Drinking Water Station

ITB 1970 alumni together with Medco and Caltex donated 70 drinking fountains complete with drinking water treatment plants for ITB. Since Januari 2005, the 70 drinking fountains have been installed throughout ITB. On Saturday, March 5 2005, the installation was inaugurated by Djoko Santoso, the Rector of ITB in front of the 1970 alumni. Joko Rismianto, a graduate of Geology class 70, said “This (drinking fountain) will be an example for PDAMs. That (treated water) should actually be drinkable immediately.” Joko, who was the originator of the idea as well as the designer of the drinking fountain, hoped that other institutions / universities could follow ITB. Raw water is taken from wells near the Air Ganesha installation. In addition to the physical process with filters, the drinking water treatment unit for drinking fountain also uses a reverse osmosis and ozonation process. The pressure released by the exit point of the drinking water treatment plant is 3-4 bar. Water discharge allocated for drinking fountain is 1 cubic meter / second. The drinking fountain is expected to reduce electricity and water costs, and reduce ITB’s dependency on PDAMs. In addition, for additional maintenance costs, this installation will also open for refill drinking water services in the ITB community.

Water in the Community

Water Reservoir I (2012)

Has been built by BBWS

Water Reservoir II (2014)

Has been built by BBWS

Water Treatment Plan in Jatinangor Campus

Water Treatment Plan has been built by PUPR stage I (in 2014) and stage II (in 2017)

Water Treatment Plan in Jatinangor Campus

Water Treatment Plan in Ganesha Campus

Drinking Water Treatment plan has been built by 1970 alumni in 2002 and has been repaired in 2015.

Rain Water Well (left) and Bioporous hole (right)

ITB provided water resources management. ITB built rain water well and bioporous hole.

Grey Water Treatment in ITB

ITB Support Water Conservation Off-Campus