Sustainable Development Goals in ITB

SDG 5: Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Host general lectures at university that are open to the general public

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ITB Library

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Host general lectures at university that are open to the general public

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ITB Continuing Education Program

Events at university that are open to the general public:

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ITB Continuing Education Program List

Public Lecture Series from BRI (left) and Faculty of Science (Right)

Events at university that are open to the general public:


General Lectures held every academic semester



“Design, Analysis and Detailing of Diaphragms in Building and Non-Building Structure in Accordance with SNI 1726: 2012 and SNI 2847: 2013”

Bambang Boediono

Introduction to Diaphragm Design and Detailing and its Elements, Diaphragm Loading and Modeling, Diaphragm Design and Detailing of Elements, Chords, Design and Detailing of Diaphragm Elements, Collectors, Sliding Checking and Shear Detailing in Diaphragms, Demo Modeling, Diaphragm Design and Detailing in ETABS Software .

“SNI Geotechnics, Earthquake SNI and TABG Consensus in the Design of Tall Buildings and Deep Buildings for Basements”

Famous Irsyam, Wayan Sengara, FX Toha, Erza Rismantojo, Endra Susila, Hasbullah Nawir

Overview of Geotechnical SNI, Earthquake SNI and TABG Consensus in the Design of Tall Buildings and Deep Galian for Basement, Foundation Design for Tall Buildings based on Geotechnical SNI, Earthquake SNI and TABG Consensus, Deep Galian Design for Building Basements based on Geotechnical SNI, Earthquake SNI and TABG Consensus, Load Test, Monitoring and Instrumentation for Construction of High Building Foundations and Deep Buildings for Basements, Cases of Failure and Problems in Design and Construction: Causes, Solutions and Learned Lessons.

“Environmental Management System for Infrastructure Development”

Katharina Oginawati, Herto Dwi Ariesyadi, Asep Sofyan

Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Case Study

“Coastal Process and Modeling of Coastal Change”

Nita Yuanita, Eddy Rachman, Izqi Yustina

Ocean Environmental Parameters and Coastal Processes, Mathematical Modeling of Coastal Change, Case Studies

Educational Outreach Activities:

     •Ad Hoc

Community Service Activites

Every year, ITB conducts community service activities in the form of Real Work Lectures (KKN) where students get along and make solutions to problems in rural communities. In 2017, this activity was carried out in Desa Cipakem, Kecamatan Maleber, Kabupaten Kuningan. This activity also works with regional governments, companies, state-owned enterprises and the village community itself. There are several themes that are carried, for example making solutions from infrastructure, agriculture, plantation, energy to water transmission problems.

Educational Outreach Activities:


Workshop of the IoT Batch 9


The “Workshop of the IoT Batch 9” this time was attended by 3 high schools from West Java and North Sumatra. The event took place on October 28-29, 2019. The material was filled by Bpk. Agus Sukoco. The event took place at PT LSKK. Workshop participants consisted of:

  1. Vocational High School 2 Sumedang
  2. Lugina Rancaekek Vocational School
  3. SMAN 1 Telukjambe Timur Karawang

Workshop participants were also given knowledge about the RFID attendance machine and the IoT Agriculture machine. Instructors about the machine are not from PPTIK employees, who are PPTIK PKL students.

Policy that ensures that access to these activities is accessible to all: Asrama Mengajar

All activities related to community service at ITB are carried out without discrimination of gender, ethnicity, religion and race. All activities at ITB are carried out fairly for all groups of people. For example the Asrama Mengajar (Teaching Dormitory) activity which is one of the routine social programs organized by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of ITB Dormitory in its three dormitories which has been going on for a long time. This activity was pioneered as one of the manifestations of ITB UPT Dormitory along with its elements in the framework of implementing one of the Higher Education Tri Dharma, community service. By seeing education as the main key to the success of a nation and the still existence of social inequality in the community around the dormitory, education becomes the main focus of community service chosen. Initially simple, students (kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school) around the dormitory who have economic limitations are gathered to be given additional teaching subjects free of charge. Now, the program is increasingly encouraged by the establishment of a more structured and planned program. In the Kidang Pananjung Dormitory, Bebekipa (Belajar Bersama dengan Kidang Pananjung = Learning Together with the Kidang Pananjung) became the name of this program. Riksa (umah Ilmu Keluarga Sangkuriang = Sangkuriang Family Science House) was chosen to be the name of this program in Sangkuriang Dormitory. Meanwhile, at the Kanakan Dormitory the program was named Kanayakan Mengajar (Kanakayaan Teaching). Teaching Dormitory activities are held regularly every Saturday and Sunday for kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school levels.